For forty years, photographer Johnny Johnston
has dedicated himself to capturing the exotic beauty, passion and mystery of the Arabian horse.

Boldheart Publications announces the first ever collection of Johnny’s internationally acclaimed photography: Arabians from the camera of Johnny Johnston.


Cover photo ARABIANS 9.25 X 12.5

Boy Wonder 1997 Skyland Arabians Photo by Johnny Johnston

Whether a backyard pony enthusiast or prize showhorse owner, you will cherish this collector-quality volume for a lifetime.

9 x 12 inches, hardbound 84 full color pages printed on fine 100 lb. gloss paper $45.00 U.S. funds plus shipping and handling

Mohummedsadden 1992, *Khouros 1998, and  Dgoodazitgetz with Darla Ripley 1993 Photos by Johnny Johnston

The autumn colors reflected in the lake
And little leaves floating about
Like mighty sailboats
With everywhere to go,
My hearty steed and I like the leaves
With everywhere to go!

Afire Bey V & Tim Shea 1995 Photo by Johnny Johnston

Boldheart Publications invites you to own this classic edition for your home, office or that special gift. At the bottom of this page are some of the many letters we have received.
To book Johnny Johnston for your ranch or group, call:

Johnny Johnston
16541 Redmond Way, Suite 358 C
Redmond, WA 98052-4482
Phone: 1-425-885-9660

Letters from Readers about Arabians from the camera of Johnny Johnston:

"Thanks So Much - the book Arabians From the Camera of Johnny Johnston arrived today...coincidentally, it arrived about 45 minutes after I left home to take my stallion to participate in a photo session with Johnny himself! Darn, if I’d waited, I’d have been able to take it with me to get autographed! (But then I might have missed the opportunity to go to lunch with the group and listen to Johnny talk, too!)

"When my Hubby asked me how today went, I showed him the pages in the book where you describe Johnny’s technique...and I said - ‘Pretty much exactly like this!’ <grin> What fun, what a joy and what an honor!

The Book is Beautiful, by the way! Thanks, again!"

Karen Malcor-Chapman

"This is truly a lovely tribute to the Arabian breed as well as the wonderful dedication shown to them by Mr. Johnston."

Linda E. Gruver, Arabian Horse Trust
"Received my books on Saturday and I am totally impressed. It is beautiful. You have created a wonderful mix of horse and human interest. The photos and text work together perfectly to validate one another. You have really captured the spirit of the Arabian and the people who love them in a way that even non-horsey people can appreciate. The cover color and text are perfect. Very elegant and understated.

"You have a talent for gleaning and condensing the best of Johnny’s work. And for choosing the people to support the technical end. I can only fathom a fraction of the time, effort and soul that you have put into this. From my perspective it was well worth your effort and definitely worth the wait for the rest of us. Put me on the list for volume number two.

Kathleen Floyd

"Each time I turn the pages I see new beauty, find hidden treasures, and feel God’s love in your words and photographs. I had to write and say thank you! Getting to meet you and talk to you was one of the highlights of the show for me.

"Looking forward to the next book!"
Barbara Conlan

"I have to say it’s one of the most beautiful, fitting tributes to the breed I’ve seen in my 30 years of loving them! Please let Mr. Johnston know how much his work is appreciated.

"Thanks so much for making Arabians come together, and find my living room!"
Cathy Rohm

Copyright Notice: All photos copyright 1998 Boldheart Publications. All rights reserved.

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